Decenturion is the first fully decentralized state in which economy, governance and communications are built on a blockchain. Decenturion's system of values puts its own residents in the epicenter. This approach determines the key principles of the domestic policies of the state. Decenturion solves the challenge of creating a society, while relying not on quantitative, but on qualitative charcteristics. Income per capita, level of education, level of IT - and blockchain - competencies, and weight of the benefit brought in by a citizen as the volume of introduced constructive influence on the activity of legal residents. *This is not an ICO, but a free and decentralized crypto state. Currently, their whitepaper is not available, but it will be uploaded soon. Due to the fact that we lack the necessary info to properly analyze the project, the rating will be incomplete, but we can guarantee that the project is 100% real.

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