GoldeNugget is an existing reality, with over 3,000,000.00 Euro’s already invested in West Africa for earth moving machines for the gold industry. Where you can really feel the dust, the noise, and the smell of business. Where people really have an objective, where people really see actual results in their hands at the end of the day. Call it “Old Economy”, however this business was once the actual value of money, the same money that still today allows you to purchase bread. So why not unite an old dirty but real business with new innovative industry such as Crypto in Switzerland where purchaser can rely on a predictable legal framework. GoldeNugget is the combination of decentralized blockchain technology and the most antique, reliable, value increasing and stable asset: GOLD! GoldeNugget is the first Crypto platform that allows it's ERC-20 Token (GNTO) holders to purchase or Dutch Auction it's Mined Gold. Goldenugget is the first Crypto platform that allows its Token (GNTO) holders to purchase or Dutch Auction its Mined Gold.

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Receive free 10 GNTO tokens withGoldeNugget Airdrop

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  • 1. Register on to receive the equivalent of 10Kgs of Gold.
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  • 4. Write a constructive message immediately after you join. You can write an interesting question, comment. It should not just be "Hello", "Wow" or "How are you?";
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