JUR ALLIANCE - Earn 600 JUR tokens for doing social tasks
JUR Alliance


The hirefreehands token ($HFT) is an ERC20 utility token designed to be used by clients and freelancers within the platform, where entrepreneurs, businesses and enterprises hire & work with affordable world-class talent on-demand. Rated 3.2 by ICO Bench . Hirefreehands is airdropping 1000 HFT tokens (~ $50 ) to airdrop participants. ICO token price: 1 HFT = 0.05 USD

Airdrop Rating

8.0 / 10

"Fast and easy airdrop sign-up process and completion of social media tasks. However, Medium task link is not working."

Airdrop Details

Token Given

Est. Value $

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Receive free 1000 HFT tokens with Hirefreehands Airdrop

Required tools:

  • 1. Visit the Hirefreehands airdrop form page.
  • 2. Follow them on Twitter and retweet Tweet1, Tweet2 and Tweet3 with the following hashtag: #Hirefreehands bounty. (+400 HFT)
  • 3. Follow them on Facebook, share and like Post1 and Post2 with the following hashtag: #Hirefreehands bounty. (+300HFT)
  • 4. Follow them on Medium, and clap for Article1 and Article2. (+300HFT)
  • 5. Subscribe to their Reddit page and upvote this post.
  • 6. Submit your details to the airdrop form.
  • 7. You will receive 1000 HFT tokens.
  • Remember to join our Telegram channel and follow us on Twitter to receive new airdrops!

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