KYC3 was founded in 2013 with the mission to deliver data mining and analysis solutions for risk management using big data. KYC3 will operate a series of stable voucher tokens that will be deployed as ERC-20 tokens pegged to a specific fiat value per token. With KYC tokens ICOs, STOs, brokers and other crypto businesses can reflect all KYC processes and pay entirely in crypto without any need need to use fiat.

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Receive free UKYC/EKYC tokens withKYC3 Airdrop

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  • 1. Visit the KYC3 airdrop form.
  • 2. Join their Telegram group.(+1 stake)
  • 3. Manually invite unlimited friends to their Telegram group or ask your friends to put your Telegram username into the referrer field. (+1 stake for each referral)
  • 4. Follow them on Twitter.(+1 stake)
  • 5. Optional: (Re-)Tweet about KYC3 containing the link “”. (+1 stake per tweet, Up to 5 tweets per week and max. 2 tweets per day)
  • 6. Optional: Like their Facebook page.(+1 stake)
  • 7. Optional: Share Facebook posts. (+1 stake per share, Up to 5 shares per week and max. 2 shares per day)
  • 8. Optional: Follow them on Medium.(+1 stake)
  • 9. Optional: Subscribe to their Youtube channel.(+1 stake)
  • 10. Optional: Create an account at KYC3 reward community to earn more rewards.
  • 11. You can also refer your friends to the KYC3 reward community using your referral link to earn more rewards.
  • 12. Submit your details to the airdrop form.

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