JUR ALLIANCE - Earn 600 JUR tokens for doing social tasks


SilkChain is a Decentralized Autonomous Organization, or DAO, in where Silk represents the digital token. SilkChain is the first blockchain project dedicated to improving international trade ecosystem. SilkChain is airdropping 100 SILK tokens to new users who signup at their website. Create an account SilkChain and complete your KYC to get 100 SILK tokens. Also get 50 SILK for every referral up to 10 referrals.

Airdrop Rating

4.0 / 10

"You will need to pass first KYC (uploading documents for verifying identity) before getting your referral link. Value of token is only worth $3."

Airdrop Details

Token Given

Est. Value $

Time Left


3 + referral


Receive free 100 SILK tokens with SilkChain Airdrop

Required tools:

  • 1. Visit the SilkChain registration page.
  • 2. Submit your details and signup.
  • 3. You will get 100 SILK tokens.
  • 4. Also get 50 SILK for every referral up to 10 referrals.
  • Remember to join our Telegram channel and follow us on Twitter to receive new airdrops!

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