VisionCoin is an experimental project in the field of DeFi and games. The project aims to change the traditional game and payment methods and expand the application field of digital currency. The VC token is a new encrypted digital currency based on the Ethereum ERC-20 protocol. VisionCoin Protocol and its associated ecosystem solutions are under development and may undergo significant changes before they are released or implemented.

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Jan. 5, 2021

Receive free 2.5 VC tokens withVisionCoin Airdrop

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Oops, Too late! This airdrop is already closed.

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VisionCoin Airdrop is worth up to 2,5 VC tokens (~$ 17). The total airdrop quota is 10,000 VC tokens issued on a first-come-first-served basis.

How to join:

  • 1. Visit the VisionCoin Airdrop page
  • 2. Connect your Metamask wallet & Click on ''Get Airdrop''.
  • 3. Join VisionCoin on Telegram Group & Channel. (Mandatory, +1 VC)
  • 4. Follow VisionCoin on Twitter & Retweet the pinned Tweet. (Mandatory, +1 VC)
  • 5. Invite 5 friends to join the Telegram Group. (Optional, +0.5 VC)
  • 6. Submit your details to the Airdrop page. The website will automatically obtain your Ethereum wallet address.
  • 7. The rewards will be distributed on January 20, 2021.

Note: VisionCoin project is pending a smart contract security audit report by a trusted professional third party

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