The RAKUN Platform and IEO is now LIVE!

Nov. 21, 2019 | by sharon

The RAKUN Platform and IEO is now LIVE!

For all crypto-enthusiasts and even more so for Crypto-gamers, RAKUN offers a great opportunity to "earn" while "playing".
The RAKUN engine awards play by issuing RAKU tokens to those that produce and exhibit quality behavior.

Starting with the Oinkbook, a game-oriented blog, those who post articles, like, comment and overall contribute to a healthy community are rewarded RAKU tokens:

Also within CryptOink, the first blockchain game out of Japan, RAKU will be given away as tournament prizes for races:

During the IEO RAKUN is hosting a number of exciting events and providing tons of incentives:
・Earn a limited edition NFT by getting a top score in the "TimeAttack Challenge"
・Those who purchase 10,000 RAKU or more will receive an even stronger, rarer limited edition RAKU
・5% Bonus RAKU will be given to those who participate in Phase1 of the IEO

Read more about the RAKU project here.