At this section, you have a chance to receive 100% free tickets to various crypto and blockchain events around the world. We aim at collaborating with top rated cryptocurrency events and ask them to provide free tickets to our community. For more information, read the FAQ below this page. Enjoy!


Our Rating 9.5/10
EBIC 2019 Conference
Our Rating 9.5/10
Crypto Games Conference

Planning an Airdrop?

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What is this Event airdrop all about?

It is like a contest that users can join in order to stand a chance of winning free tickets for blockchain events. The winners will be randomly selected as explained in each airdrop rules.

What do I need to do in order to participate in these airdrops and win free tickets?

Every Airdrop has its own rules. Usually, you will need to provide your email and may have to do a few simple social tasks.

How do you decide who gets the free tickets?

We host these special campaigns for different crypto and blockchain events. Thus, we provide them with an outcome report of this airdrop based on your submission. It is therefore the responsibility of the event to randomly select the winners and email them the tickets, according the airdrop terms.

How Can I know that I joined successfully?

You will receive a confirmation email. Just ensure you follow all the simple tasks, in order to be eligible for a win. On the side of caution, if we discover a bot or other malicious behaviors we will not include you in these airdrops/contests.

I won a free ticket and I couldn't attend the event. Can I transfer or sell the ticket?

Each airdrop campaign has its own rules, please read the rules and the terms of the specific airdrops.

Can everyone around the world participate in these airdrops?

Each airdrop campaign has its own rules, please read the rules and the terms of the specific airdrops.

I work for a blockchain event, how can I use your platform to give free tickets to my event?

All you have to do is just contact us and we will get back to you within 2 business days.