Recommended Crypto Airdrops and Bounties


Our Rating 8.5/10
Yearn Wilo Protocol
Our Rating 8.5/10
Our Rating 8.5/10
Our Rating 8.5/10
Our Rating 8.5/10
Multimine Bounty
Our Rating 9.0/10
Huobi Futures
Our Rating 8.5/10
Our Rating 8.5/10
Our Rating 8.5/10
Our Rating 8.5/10
Our Rating 8.5/10
Our Rating 8.5/10
Radix DLT
Our Rating 8.5/10
Our Rating 9.0/10
Medical Veda
Our Rating 8.0/10
WooshCoin x Wooshbit
Our Rating 8.5/10
KuCoin Rewards
Our Rating 8.5/10
Our Rating 8.5/10
Our Rating 8.5/10
Our Rating 7.0/10
Fanatics Cash
Our Rating 8.5/10

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Sept. 20, 2020

"Good airdrop easy to claim, take your token now"

YFChain airdrop is added
8.5/ 10 Our rating
Sept. 20, 2020

"Good airdrop easy to claim, you can earn more by sharing referral link"

GoodDollar airdrop is added
9.0/ 10 Our rating
Sept. 20, 2020

Sept. 17, 2020

"Good airdrop, easy to claim, take your token also earn by sharing referral"

Sept. 17, 2020

"Great airdrop great value, take your token now and earn more by sharing referral"

Sept. 17, 2020

"Good airdrop very easy to claim, take your token now also earn by referral"

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How many Cryptocurrencies are doing Airdrops?

As a matter of fact, not all new companies give out free Cryptos. However, the point is that most companies do. Thus, it is our job to look out for new crypto companies that give out free tokens and coins and enlist, rate and review them for you to see.

Do free tokens received from airdrops have value?

Certainly, they do. These free tokens are usually marketing strategies from new crypto companies that sought to find adopters. That is nowhere means that those free tokens are devalued. In fact, they are just the same as the ones that are being bought.

If there are so many tokens flooding the market, why should I care about Airdrops and getting free tokens or coins?

Due to blockchain technology and decentralization, the crypto world is gradually revolving, as tons of outstanding Cryptocurrencies with amazing opportunities get launched now and then. Given the fact that Cryptocurrency has just begun, with its bright future ahead of us, who knows, perhaps someday a certain free coin today, might be worth hundreds of USD. Thus, getting any free token is worth the effort, as you stand a chance of making better use of it in the future. After all, you have nothing to lose by getting one.

What do I need to participate?

Traditionally, you'll be asked to carry out little tasks like following a particular Telegram group or their Twitter account, only until the end of the airdrop. On receiving the coins, you can choose to leave the channels. Nevertheless, it is important you have an Ethereum wallet because often, these coins are usually known as ERC20 tokens, an Ethereum platform based cryptocurrency . To have accurate information of what is needed in each cryptocurrency, kindly take a look at the icons on the page of the airdrop. There, you'll be briefed on every requirement, and if you're qualified to participate in the airdrop.

Where can I sell my airdropped crypto?

You can sell it on many exchange platforms, however, given that these tokens are from new companies, they might not be enlisted in major exchange platforms. Nevertheless, there are quite many other exchange platforms you can substitute for. When the coins are listed on an exchange, all you'll need to do is open an account and carry out the token exchange for Ethereum (ETH) or Bitcoin (BTC), as you'd choose.

I didn't receive the free crypto tokens after completing the airdrop?

This is normal because airdrops often take place before the token sale, while the distribution is always after the successful token sale. Thus, it can sometimes range from a few weeks to a number of months. In some cases, will you fail to get the tokens, perhaps because the company didn't succeed in selling enough tokens and the project, unfortunately failed. Thus, we also have a Feed page where you can get daily updated about token distributions.

What is the difference between Airdrops and Bounty?

There is no lucid distinction between these two, however with Airdrop, users have to carry out a once in a lifetime task and contribution, to get the free tokens. On the other hand, bounty users have to do a series of repeated work (every period), which often involve high-quality work, like in translating articles and more.

What are Exclusive Airdrops?

These airdrops are those that can only be joined through our AirdropRating platform and nowhere else.

What are Premium Airdrops?

Premium airdrops are featured airdrops which have high quality, passed our deep reviews, to be featured on our platform.

I have more questions

You may contact us or find more answers on our FAQ page.

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