ELYSIA is a decentralized ecosystem for P2P real estate stock exchange. Users can purchase real estate tokens on Elysia platform with EL tokens and cash. Through Elysia platform, users are able to invest in real estate properties with a small amount of money, diversify the seed money for the sake of decreasing the risk of the real estate investment. For the properties invested, it will be managed and operated by an automatic management system of Elysia to give less burden on users for complicated procedures needed.

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April 18, 2019

Receive free 5000 EL tokens withElysia Airdrop

* EXCLUSIVE! Easily earn 5000 EL tokens (~$5)
* Earn extra 2000 EL tokens (~$2) per referral (unlimited).
* Token Distribution - One week after this campaign ends.
* Will be listed on exchanges soon (June 2019, IEO started!)

Elysia is airdropping up to 210,000 USD of EL tokens EXCLUSIVELY with AirdropRating. Elysia platform is a decentralized ecosystem for P2P real estate stock exchange. By using EL, you can invest in real estates (flats, buildings etc) and acquire the share of the property, and gain profits regularly made from the property. 

- Claiming the airdrop with multiple accounts is strictly prohibited.
- Max 30,000 participants!


Required tools:

Do all the tasks below and earn 5000 EL (~$5). Grab an additional 2000 EL ($~2) for every referral (unlimited!)

Joining is very simple!

1. Join Elysia Telegram group and AirdropRating Telegram channel.
2. Follow Elysia and AirdropRating on Twitter, and Retweet this.
3. Register at Elysia platform (Make sure you confirm your email. Tokens will be sent to your account wallet).
4. Fill the form below.

Note: Use EL tokens to invest in real estate using Elysia platform. Alternatively, you can wait 6 months and withdraw the EL tokens to your ETH wallet or exchange.

* Make sure to enter the same email as you used on the Elysia registration.


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