Stellerro is spearheading an innovative umbrella for the emerging digital securities industry, ensuring companies meet the right underwriting, compliance & distribution processes of numerous regulated jurisdictions. Whether you’re an asset owner, entrepreneur or a startup, Stellerro's team of experts is standing by to help you with everything you need in order to navigate this groundbreaking industry.

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June 20, 2019

Receive free 5 STRO tokens withStellerro Airdrop

* EXCLUSIVE! Easily earn 5 STRO tokens (~$5).
* Earn extra 1 STRO (~$1) per referral (unlimited).
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* Security tokens, on exchanges soon!
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Stellerro™ is an alternative investment banking platform and a Digital securities underwriter. Stellerro™ was built in order to stand as the threshold between the traditional capital markets and the innovative world of tokenized securities backed by Blockchain technology.

- Claiming the airdrop with multiple accounts is strictly prohibited.
- Max 10,000 participants.
- KYC prior token distribution.

Required tools:

Do all the tasks below and earn 5 STRO (~$5). Grab an additional 1 STRO (~$1) for every referral (unlimited!)

Joining is very simple!

1. Join Stellerro Telegram group and AirdropRating Telegram channel - 2 STRO
2. Follow Stellerro and AirdropRating on Twitter, and retweet this - 2 STRO
3. [OPTIONAL]  Follow Stellerro on Facebook  - 0.5 STRO
4. [OPTIONAL] Follow Stellerro on Instagram- 0.5 STRO

* First two steps are mandatory.
* Do not to leave Stellerro and AirdropRating telegram channels until token distribution.


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