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AirdropRating at Crypto Gaming Conference

April 28, 2019 | by Michael, Airdroprating.io

AirdropRating at Crypto Gaming Conference

We have just returned from a special event that took place in Minsk. It is called "Crypto Gaming Conference", the world’s largest and definitive business event for the crypto gaming industry. 

The topics that have been discussed in the conference revolves around the three sections of blockchain gaming: crypto games, blockchain, and gaming ecosystems and services.

The event has gathered more than 1500 professionals. It was truly an honor for us to be able to participate, meet new companies, learn where the industry is heading to, and find out what’s being developed in blockchain gaming.
We see a strong connection between blockchain gaming and airdrops, and we are planning to announce the first airdrop based on EOS platform soon. See you at the next Crypto Gaming Conference, which would take place at Kiev, in October 2019.