Crowdvilla Project review

Jan. 1, 2019 | by Michelle,

What is Crowdvilla and how the CRV token has a real-world value?


Crowdvilla Blockchain platform focuses on building a community solution for property-sharing. A blockchain backed technology solution where professional vendors can offer branded travel accommodation experience without trust issues and lack of transparency.
It is an initiative for shifting the power from the centralized business model to a blockchain-enabled decentralized model in a community asset mode.


The legacy timesharing landlord-tenant business model is plagued with issues where the users take a back seat in terms of priorities leading to quality inconsistencies. The middlemen layers add to the complications of the existing system by charging transaction fees. The fees remain variable leading to every end user paying a different cost for the same accommodation and services.  

The growth of the entire ecosystem of time-sharing accommodation vendors is restrained due to the operational inefficiencies of the centralized system.



Crowdvilla platform is a community solution. It provides the much required secure, efficient and transparent platform that cuts the middlemen and connects the service providers and service seekers directly. Utilizing blockchain, Crowdvilla platform offers its users a true sharing ecosystem with one rule for all.

How does Crowdvilla operate?

CRV tokens and CROWD tokens bring the real world link to the Crowdvilla platform.
Let us begin by understanding the two tokens:

The value of CRV is directly linked to the total value of the portfolio of crowd-owned properties. These properties can be utilized on the time-sharing basis only by the CRV token holders. The CRV token sale will raise funds that will be used to acquire global holiday properties. Primarily, CRV is an ownership token.
Zero Ether Transaction (ZET) Mechanics allows CRV token holders to earn CROWD. CRV holders can lock-up the CRV for a duration of 1-month, 3-months or 6-months. Even during the lock-up period, CROWD will be generated but the CRV cannot perform ZET.  For ZET to be performed, the CRV’s need to be tradable and that happens once the lock-up period is over. Performing ZET allows CRV holders to earn more CROWD. The CROWD generation rates are accelerated with longer CRV lock-up periods known as Bonus multipliers.

The CROWD is generated by the CRV tokens. CROWD tokens are the link between the daily market rental prices (USD) of the properties and the Crowdvilla platform. If the price of a holiday property per room is 1 CROWD per night, the market price of similar accommodation on the centralized platform will be USD 100 per night. Thus each CROWD token owned is worth $100.
A CROWD token burns after use making it a single-use utility token which is used to book accommodations that are part of CROWD portfolio.  A user can hold CROWD (points) as long as he owns CRV (ownership tokens).


Opportunity for the success of Rally 

The growing distrust among the social media platforms users demanded a private communication channel since long. Rally platform targets to give the control of content back to the users. All this while the centralized platforms were shadowing the benefits of content sharing economy from the user. Rally offers a transparent and value generating platform that directly connects advertisers and users. 

How does the CRV token value increase?

Crowdvilla Economy revolves around the use of CROWD but it begins with CRV token buyers who pool in ETH. The ETH resources will be pooled by the CRV Token buyers to be part of the platform. The CRV token sale platform allows raising the funds for building the portfolio of crowd-owned properties.
Only approved contributors will receive CRV tokens that will generate CROWD tokens in future to book stays. The token owners can trade CRV and CROWD to desired amounts or can choose to book stays. As CROWD is a single-use token, it needs a continuous generation which is facilitated by CRV tokens. Token Holders and Crowdvilla platform receive CROWD- the Crowdpoint Tokens generated from Crowdvilla Tokens – CRV creating a self-sustainable model.
The Crowdvilla operational model does not require the CRV holders to pay for any expenses. Once the CRV tokens are acquired, the CROWD tokens generated can be converted into fiat and used to pay all kinds of operational costs of the property portfolio. The costs include salaries, taxes, and other operational expenses. The surplus CROWD or fiat can be used for upgrades of the existing portfolio. The demand of CROWD is directly linked to the CRVs fundamental value. CRV reflects the owner’s share of time-value of Crowdvilla properties.
Crowdvilla is a transparent decentralized ecosystem that monitors, reviews and works to optimize the cost of accommodation and expenses for the benefit of the Crowdvilla community. The CRV token holders can always retain or monetize CROWD. As the CRV tokens are backed by physical properties, they are safe to own and more stable. By paying for the CRV token once, the users can keep enjoying the benefits of CROWD utility token.


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