Honeybox Exclusive Airdrop ICO Review

Oct. 16, 2018 | by Edward, AirdropRating.io




Consumer Electronics Product Launch and Token Sale: Honeybox Exclusive Airdrop ICO Review


HoneyboxTM is a rare example of a physical product coupled with a decentralized ecosystem that is delivering on the promise of a secure, private, and streamlined Internet.  Just connect the plug & play box to your network router to add a new layer of packet-based monitoring that stops malicious, unwanted, or simply irrelevant content from ever being loaded onto any of your devices (PC, phone, or any smart IoT endpoint like a TV or voice assistant). And thanks to the Honeybox decentralized partner network, users can also manage payments with unprecedented cyber protection. This airdrop round is exclusive to airdroprating.io and will last until early November when the private sales begins.


•         Name/Token Symbol: HNY
•         Platform: Stellar (XLM)
•         Industry: Consumer Electronics
•         Price: $0.05
•         Soft Cap: $500K 
•        Hard Cap: $10 million
•         Token Supply: 200M
•         Start Private sale Date: November 1, 2018
•         End Private sale Date: January 14, 2019
•         Start Public Sale Date: January 16, 2019
•         End Public Sale Date: February 13, 2019
•        KYC/AML: Yes
•         Website Url: https://honeybox.io/
•         White Paper

The Market Opportunity 

As the consumer public wakes up to the reality of corporations harvesting personal information for profit, a new breed of internet privacy services is delivering on the promise of a decentralized Internet. Instead of cyber security solutions focusing on intrusive malicious intent targeting corporations, a secure decentralized Internet is all about safeguarding consumers

Consumer Are NOT the Product!

As consumers, we want more control over what type of content is loaded into our home - and the capability to filter through that content easily. Corporate interests and consumer rights are rarely aligned in favor of the consumer. That is precisely why the decentralized Internet is emerging as a grassroots movement - driven by consumer demand.  
As consumers, we want the best browsing experience possible. We love promotional content for products and services we’re interested in, but 99% of ads are simply promoting stuff we don’t need. As parents, we want to expose our kids to positive content and keep negative, inappropriate, and certainly offensive media out of the home. Unfortunately, corporations are not always motivated to serve the consumer. 


The Honeybox Ecosystem

The combined hardware & software approach introduced by Honeybox empowers consumers to control the content that enters our home. At the same time, the Honeybox partner network will enable businesses to embrace the distributed Internet, offering a private and secure way to pay for services using HNY tokens. Ads can be useful and positive - IF they serve consumers. The current balance of power enables corporations to harvest consumer information, essentially compromising everyone’s privacy.  
 At launch, early adopters can purchase the Honeybox device just like any consumer electronics product. Over time, the Honeybox vision is to become a gateway  to the distributed Internet of the future - for consumers and businesses alike.  

The Team & Future Outlook

Launched on the Stellar XLM platform, the Honeybox token was developed by seasoned industry veterans with years financial technology experience and a successful token sale track record. Honeybox founder and president Bryant Maroney, created Honeybox after years of working on enterprise architecture technologies, which produced several patents under his name.   

Our Take

The Honeybox ecosystem appears to have evolved from an in-depth technological understanding coupled with sound consumer electronics and crowd sale insights . The token implementation on the Stellar network makes it a perfect fit from a security and transactional perspective. We are truly excited about this project and look forward to see where the team will take its development in 2019.

Note:  This is purely based on my personal opinion and experience. You are responsible for every investment decision you make. As a rule of thumb, never invest more than you are willing to lose.