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Numio is building the decentralized infrastructure needed to bridge traditional banking solutions to anyone, anywhere in the world. Numio brings two key products, Numio Pay and Numio Vault. Vault keeps cryptocurrency safe and Pay makes it easy to move crypto around, either between individuals or to pay for things in stores. Numio and Vault private keys are encrypted by user biometrics within the Numio mobile app and stored using NumioCloud encryption, eliminating the risk of exposing private keys. Also, Numio has developed a new KYC system that allows the user to retain full control of their data whilst conforming to the requirements of global regulatory authorities. PhoenixDAO is a decentralised project who have a range of interlinked open-source protocols, covering authentication, identity, payments, storage, and tokenisation. They also have a ÐApp Store, which features an amazing events marketplace ÐApp, and have many other ÐApps in the pipeline. The whole ecosystem runs on the PHNX token.

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Dec. 11, 2020

Receive free 100 PHNX tokens withNumio x PhoenixDAO Airdrop

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Oops, Too late! This airdrop is already closed.

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Numio x PhoenixDAO Airdrop is worth 100 PHNX tokens (~$ 1.80) for each person that participates in the referral program using your referral link. Sign up for the referral program and win up to 100,000 PHNX tokens (~$ 1,800)! Numio app will be launched on December 14, 2020.

How to join:

  • 1. Visit the Numio Airdrop page. 
  • 2. Submit your email and sign up for the referral program.
  • 3. You & your referrals will have to download and complete KYC on the Numio mobile app to successfully participate. The app will be launched on December 14, 2020.
  • 4. Share your referral link and earn 100 PHNX tokens (~$ 1.80) for each referral, up to 100,000 PHNX tokens (~$ 1,800).

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